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Regulatory Licenses

CORE Securities Limited - leading brokerage and provider of investment advisory services• We are licensed by the Capital Markets and Securities Authority (CMSA) as Dealing Members of the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange – we began in 1998 as Licensed Investment Advisors, “graduating’ in 1999 as full stockbrokers. As LDM of the DSE, we hold premier position in terms of institutional investors (40%) and individuals of high net worth. We are also the only ones who have ventured to “irregular’ areas like unit trusts, structured finance, M&A and municipal bonds.

• We are licensed by Bank of Tanzania in 2001 as dealers in Government securities where we serve a small but select clientele of high net-worth individuals and businesses.

• Our directors and senior staff are licensed by the relevant authorities:

    • Certified Public Accountant in Public Practice (NBAA), G. Fumbuka
    • Certified Public Accountant (NBAA), Y. Killagane/B. Mlunde
    • Nominated Advisors Representative (CMSA), G. Fumbuka/E.Mahenge/S. Felician
    • Licensed Dealer's Representative CMSA, G. Fumbuka/M. Kessy/J. Swalala
    • Fellow, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK), Y. Killagane/G. Fumbuka
    • Fellow, Chartered Institute Management Accountants (UK), B. Mlunde
    • Certified Trainer of Trainers (Commonwealth Institute of Corporate Governance UK), G. Fumbuka