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Capability Statement

CORE Securities Limited was first licensed by the Capital Markets and Securities Authority (CMSA) as “Investment Advisor’ on 2nd March 1998. On 1st July 1999, the Company was given the stock broking coveted license for “dealing in securities’ and was simultaneously admitted as a Licensed Dealing Member of the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange, number D-007, on 20, July 1999.

CORE Securities Limited - leading brokerage and provider of investment advisory servicesIts core business is to deal in securities, which includes the provision of advisory services and the development of innovative products that enhance the overall vibrancy of capital markets in Tanzania and across the Region.

While this is a new “industry’ to most Tanzanians (and we are proud to be playing a pioneering role), our capabilities for success are rooted in deep knowledge of finance, accounting, economics global capital market practices. The areas of coverage have already been discussed above.

CORE Securities Limited, through its affiliate company called Consultants for Resources Evaluation Limited, engages primarily in management consulting and professional training activities. The directors and shareholders of these two companies are the same: indeed, the only reason why the first company could not apply for a broker´s license was because the directors wanted to sharpen their focus on capital markets dealing activities as opposed to what are purely investment advisory and professional training services.

The following additional information will help get a better understanding regarding our firm. Our website at provides contact and other relevant information also.